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Not all Full-Spectrum Hemp products are created equal. Most companies extract their hemp using CO2 or Supercritical CO2 extraction methods, which strips hemp of many beneficial  cannabinoids and terpenes. However, CannaKoru is extracted using a solventless method using keif (the most potent part of the plant) that preserves all the therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes.


The hemp for our CannaKoru capsules is grown in Boulder, Colorado using strictly organic cultivation practices. All our products are carefully crafted in small batches, using a science driven approach, and are tested by multiple independent labs for purity and potency. 



  • CannaKoru uses only pesticide-free growing practices ensuring a pure extract of the highest quality.

  • All of the hemp used for our capsules is grown at the base of the Rocky Mountains where we irrigate with only glacier and snowpack melt water.

  • Our high potency flower is grown only to a scale that allows for proper drying and processing of flower, unlike many larger hemp farms which field dry or wet bail lower quality biomass. 



  • Our premium flower is processed in-house by some of the best hemp extraction labs in the world, and our PhD extraction scientists developed the first ever authorized grow and breeding facility for the University of Colorado. 

  • Our capsules contain a full spectrum of plant diols, and also have the highest terpene profile (such as beta-Caryophyllene, alpha-Bisabolol, and d-Limonene, among many others) than other products the market, proven by third-party lab-tests.

CannaKoru Organic 50mg CBD Capsules, 30 Count

  • Dosing Recommendations: For specific dosing recommendations for your condition, please schedule an appointment with either our registered nurse or medical doctors.