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Prepaid Nano CBD Membership


  • Get one bottle of 400mg Nanoemulsified Full Spectrum Hemp Oil automatically delivered to you or your loved one every month.
  • Normally $80, Plus $8 Shipping
  • Free Shipping
  • Save over $480!


*After purchasing a prepaid membership, one of our staff members will call you to obtain the name of the person receiving the membership and the shipping address. 

Prepaid Nano Membership

$768.00 Regular Price
$652.80Sale Price
  • *When joining a CannaKoru Product Membership, you may cancel your membership account at any time. However, should you wish to cancel your account prior to the 12 month term rate, you will be refunded the amount paid for the prepaid membership minus a Savings Fee for the items received during the membership at the products normal retail rate:

    Example: If you purchased the Nano Membership and decided to cancel the membership after 3 months, the Savings Fee would be based on the following:

    The Holos 400mg Nano Oil normally retails for $80 (with a prepaid membership, the product is discounted to $54.40 per bottle)

    Shipping & Handling is $8 (with a prepaid membership shipping is free)

    Shipping Fee= $24 for shipping

    ($8 shipping and handling fee x 3 months), and

    Product Fee= $76.80 for the discounted rate

    ($80 - $54.40= $25.60 in savings per product received x 3 months).

    Total Savings Fee= $100.80